Made in Germany


Major developments often originated in old garages or abandoned kiosks from where they conquered the world. SYSTEXX also stands for a traditional company founded in 1921. When developing SYSTEXX , the company was already well-established with proper production facilities and office buildings.

SYSTEXX by Vitrulan is a product "Made in Germany". To what extent the good, fresh air in Marktschorgast in North Bavaria contributed to the advantages of SYSTEXX products remains an open question, but it certainly helped. With more than 320 employees, Vitrulan is big enough to meet all global requirements, and is still down-to-earth enough to know its customers. Our high standards of quality and service, our innovative spirit and our reliability are reflected not only in our products but receive recognition worldwide.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our qualities to you as often as you wish and thank you for your interest in our products.

SYSTEXX by Vitrulan