Answers to frequently asked questions

This is where you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about the SYSTEXX by Vitrulan brandname.


  • What is SYSTEXX by Vitrulan?

    SYSTEXX by Vitrulan is a brand of high-tech wall coverings which are woven from glass yarns. They offer high functionality and are available in a wide variety of designs.

  • What does the name SYSTEXX mean?

    The name SYSTEXX is a registered brand name which combines two aspects. On the one hand, the name refers to the system “wall covering plus coating” and on the other hand, the term refers to the textile character of SYSTEXX wall coverings.

  • Where is SYSTEXX by Vitrulan used?

    The glass-based wall and ceiling coverings are designed particularly for commercial projects and are especially suitable for use in public buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, universities, offices and children’s rooms. In addition to that, they are even suitable for use in hospitals, doctor’s offices, laboratories, nursing homes and bathrooms.

  • How does SYSTEXX by Vitrulan differ from conventional wallpapers?

    SYSTEXX by Vitrulan is made of glass yarns or glass filaments. In combination with the weaving technique, this material makes the wall and ceiling coverings extremely strong. SYSTEXX is impact-proof and wall-reinforcing. It is also hygienic and safe and has an extremely long life. Other wall coverings do not even offer this added technological value. In addition, SYSTEXX is the first wall covering to be certified by Germany’s Institute of Building and Environment with the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) which proves it is a sustainable product.

  • What product program does SYSTEXX by Vitrulan offer?

    The collection is divided into SYSTEXX Premium, SYSTEXX Comfort and SYSTEXX Active.

  • What is SYSTEXX Premium?

    SYSTEXX Premium designs are made using the Jacquard weaving technique which offers great stability and flexibility of design (contours and reliefs).  All SYSTEXX Premium products are based on Aqua technology, are tested and offer the 30-year SYSTEXX warranty.

  • What is SYSTEXX Comfort?

    SYSTEXX Comfort wall coverings impress with their classically beautiful structures and the Aqua technology. With Aqua fleece SYSTEXX Comfort V22 you can also achieve totally smooth walls.

  • What is SYSTEXX Active?

    SYSTEXX Active wall coverings provide even more benefits:

    SYSTEXX Active S38 and SP38 were developed specially for uneven substrates. Example: cost-effective renovation of wall surfaces which are subject to wear and tear and in need of renovation. The fabrics can be applied directly onto Q2 substrates using Aqua technology. The special weaving pattern visually compensates uneven substrates, giving walls a neat plaster-look finish.
    SYSTEXX Active SP38 is pre-pigmented. Light colors need only one coat of paint!

    SYSTEXX Active M39 and M22turn walls quickly and easily into presentation surfaces thanks to the patented magnetically active coating on the fabric back. Conventional magnets stick directly to the wall covering. SYSTEXX Active M39 does not affect the use of cell phones or Wi-Fi.
    Whereas M39 has glass fabric on the front (finish identical to Comfort 639), the new M22 comes with an entirely smooth glass fleece on the visible side and can thus be combined almost invisibly with SYSTEXX Comfort V22.

    SYSTEXX Active L65 allows you to use your own designs. Company logos or detailed individual patterns can be worked in with the Jacquard weaving technology.

  • What does “Aqua Technology” mean?

    SYSTEXX Premium, SYSTEXX Comfort and SYSTEXX Active S38 / SP38 are coated with a water-activatable adhesive on the back. No longer is there any need to use conventionally applied adhesive. Instead, the back of the wallpaper lengths is just moistened with the aid of the Aqua Quick device made by Vitrulan. The SYSTEXX Active M39 and L65 products are not water-activatable and use traditional wallpapering procedures.

  • What is the R-Factor?

    All SYSTEXX Premium designs and Active S38 are now available with or without the new “Resistant Covering”. This is a special fabric upgrade making it three times as abrasion and scrub resistant as before. SYSTEXX glass fabrics are thus more hard-wearing, durable and economical.

  • Where can I obtain samples for SYSTEXX by Vitrulan?

    You can request individual product samples here.

    A sample book of the current collection is available for processors with tips and technical information. Interested painters should contact their specialized dealers or get in touch directly with one of Vitrulan’s field representatives.

    A SYSTEXX compendium with the current collection, actual samples and pictures is available for architects, planners and facility managers. Just contact one of Vitrulan’s architect advisors.

  • What is the difference between glass fibers and glass yarns?

    The base material consists of very thin glass yarn, spun from molten glass. The glass can be pulled into the finest filaments, forming the base material for glass fabrics. Compared to other wall coverings, textile glass is extremely impact resistant and hard-wearing.
    Glass fibers are processed in the manufacture of numerous products - from optical fibers to fiberglass insulation.
    Glass yarn is used to weave “textile glass wall coverings” or “wall paper”.


  • Products What is the difference between traditional and Jacquard weaving techniques?

    Thanks to the Jacquard weaving technique, SYSTEXX Premium achieves higher technical values for impact resistance, tear reinforcement and bridging over. The complex weaving technology is the basis for delicate designs and different patterns.

  • How much does SYSTEXX weigh per m²?

    Depending on the design, SYSTEXX approximately weighs between 165 and 315 g/m². The magnetic active SYSTEXX Active M39 weighs approx. 1450 g/m² due to its three layers.

  • What features distinguish Aqua-Fleece SYSTEXX Comfort V22?

    Perfect, smooth look. Invisible seams. No shrinkage (i.e., optimal seam look). Easy to cut. Easy to process via double-seam cut. Very little roll twisting. Can be painted over multiple times. Regain use of the room much faster. Extremely long-lived. Particularly economical due to the Aqua technology. Easy to use.

  • Are SYSTEXX products harmless to health?

    SYSTEXX wall and ceiling coverings are just as safe as clothing worn next to the skin. In addition, SYSTEXX contains no dangerous substances, conforms to food regulations and ensures an optimal room climate. And naturally it is also safe for allergy sufferers. That’s why SYSTEXX is Öko-Tex certified.

Aqua Technology

  • How does the Aqua Quick device work?

    The tray is filled with tap water up to the marking. The SYSTEXX roll is then placed on top and pulled through the guide. Then the lengths are pulled through the water bath, measured with the built-in counter and cut. Place the cut lengths in loops, let the adhesive activate for 1 or 2 minutes and then apply to the wall. Look at the video "Aqua Technology.

  • How much adhesive is applied to the back of the fabric?

    The amount of adhesive is precisely calculated for the particular design and ensures optimal adhesive strength. Bubbles or bulges under the design don’t stand a chance.

  • How much can the integrated adhesive stand?

    The integrated adhesive meets the same demands as a conventional dispersion adhesive.

  • Is the adhesive strength of Aqua technology sufficient for every base surface?

    Yes. Naturally, the base surface must be clean, dry and primed before wallpapering begins.

  • What are the advantages of Aqua Technology?

    Aqua technology saves you between 30 and 40% of the processing time (and also the costs!) since the application of adhesive is no longer necessary. The work is clean and proceeds quickly and easily.

  • Does Aqua Technology provide a better end result?

    Aqua technology gives you uniform surface quality. No more adhesive irregularities which can look unattractive after the coating.


  • Does the painter know how to use SYSTEXX?

    Normally, yes. A video is available showing painters how to use the Aqua technology.For further questions, please contact your advisor at one of the specialized dealerships or a Vitrulan field representative.

  • Can I take SYSTEXX off the wall again?

    During the drying time, SYSTEXX bonds optimally with the base surface and develops its reinforcing and tear resistance features. After this happens, the product can no longer be removed from the wall without damaging the base surface. If you decide on a different wall covering, this can be applied to the SYSTEXX wall surface.

  • What quality requirements must the base surface fulfill?

    The base surface should be prepared as per quality grade Q3 or Q4. With SYSTEXX Active S38 / SP38, a Q2 base surface is sufficient.

  • What base surfaces can SYSTEXX can applied to?

    With proper preparation, SYSTEXX by Vitrulan can be applied to almost any base surface. The base surface must be dry, clean, smooth and stable. Preparation of the base surface: See list in painter book.

  • How visible are the seams?

    A completely invisible seam cannot always be achieved since SYSTEXX is made of natural materials. For this reason slight material differences are possible.

  • What color coating is recommended?

    Color coatings of all manufacturers can be used. High-quality dispersion paint is suitable for normal use (e.g., in representative or living areas). For highly stressed areas such as kindergartens or schools, latex or pure acryl paint should be used. Bathrooms or hygienic rooms require a coating that can withstand extreme stress. Two-component paint which can be thinned with water (polyurethane or epoxy resin) are most suited.

    Products from the SYSTEXX Comfort Line offer all paint coatings from matt to glossy. For SYSTEXX Premium, Vitrulan recommends coatings with high gloss since the designs will lose their plasticity otherwise with a matt surface.

  • What adhesive should be used?

    With designs L65, M22 and M39, a conventional dispersion adhesive should be used. Otherwise all SYSTEXX products are equipped with Aqua technology.

  • How much drying time must I plan for?

    About 20 minutes after being applied, SYSTEXX bonds with the wall. The wallpaper is completely dry after 7 to 12 hours (depending on the humidity and room temperature). Important: Do not coat the surface until the wallpaper is completely dry.

  • Is it enough to just moisten the fabric (e.g., with a spray bottle)?

    No. During the dipping process, the adhesive absorbs the amount of water that it needs. When you just wet it (e.g., with a spray bottle), adhesive activation on the fabric would not be uniform or complete and it would also lose its adhesive strength. Sections smaller than 1 m² can be moistened with a sponge or a brush but such treatment should remain the exception.

  • How much time does the adhesive need to activate after the water bath?

    Give the adhesive 1 minute to activate. If you are wallpapering a ceiling, give the adhesive 2 or 3 minutes.

  • What temperature should the water be for processing with Aqua technology?

    The ideal water temperature is between 10° and 25° C.

  • Must all SYSTEXX wall coverings be painted?

    Yes. For the first coat, ensure good saturation to prevent checkering. Do not apply the second coat until the first coat has completely dried through and through.

  • What about painting the pre-pigmented fabrics?

    SYSTEXX Comfort and Active SP38 wall coverings are pre-pigmented. With these designs, one coat with a white or light-colored matt or silk matt coating is usually sufficient.

  • How are the lengths handled for the ceiling?

    Wallpapering a ceiling works just the same way as wallpapering a wall. Depending on the design, the fabric is glued without overlapping or with a double-seam cut.

  • What tools are needed for the installation?

    You will need: Wallpapering knife, meter, pencil, chalk line, metal bar, cutter knife with extra blade, and possibly a level.

  • Is a double-seam cut necessary?

    Normally, SYSTEXX by Vitrulan is applied without overlapping. The fabric can also be applied with a double-seam cut if you are wallpapering the ceiling or using simple patterns.

  • How does the adhesive function in the corners?

    Inside corners should always be cut. Outside corners can be glued.

  • How many fabric lengths can be prepared ahead of time?

    Two lengths of SYSTEXX can usually be prepared. Preparation depends on the room temperature, length of the wallpaper strips, type of fabric and processing speed.


  • What is the lifetime warranty?

    Vitrulan guarantees the certified material properties of SYSTEXX Premium, SYSTEXX Active S38 and SP38 products for a period of 30 years. This means that the technical and ecological properties are retained over the entire life cycle of SYSTEXX products. If a warranty claim should be made within 30 years, Vitrulan will replace the faulty material for the affected wall surface free of charge.

  • Do other wall coverings also come with a lifetime warranty?

    No. SYSTEXX by Vitrulan is the first wall covering with a lifetime warranty.

  • How can I be sure that the Vitrulan company will still be around in 30 years?

    Vitrulan Textile Glass GmbH is a solid, successful company which has been in existence since 1912 and has been producing glass-based wall coverings for 40 years. And: SYSTEXX represents the future on the wall.

  • Is there a warranty document that I can fill out?

    No, there is no additional document. All you need to do is to save your purchase receipt.

  • Does the implementing company also have to give a 30 year warranty?

    No, the warranty refers exclusively to the SYSTEXX product that was used – regardless of the company that performed the work.

  • Why isn’t there a warranty for SYSTEXX Comfort?

    SYSTEXX Premium products have a higher technical value than that of the Comfort Line. Vitrulan recommends the use of SYSTEXX Premium for maximum functionality.

SYSTEXX by Vitrulan