SYSTEXX Active M22 and M39 application

Substrates should be dry, clean, smooth and stable
and prepared in a professional manner depending on the initial condition.

1) SYSTEXX Active M39 magnetic fabric and M22 magnetic fleece are available in rolls of 95 cm in width.
2) Foam profiles protect the material edges inside the boxes.
3) The magnetic fabric and fleece must always be unrolled in winding direction and never bent or rolled in the opposite direction. Incorrect rolling may damage the visible side of the fabric.
4) Measure the required length and cut the material to size on the pasting table. Check whether all serial numbers are identical before cutting. Note: The back of the fabric is marked with a colored line to facilitate identification.
5) Use roller to apply a thick and even coat of dispersion adhesive.
Do not use a wallpapering device!
6) Press the material firmly onto the wall to remove air bubbles.
7) a) Allow the edge of each new length to overlap the adjoining length by nearly 1 mm.
b) Then brush the edge of the new length back until it forms a butt joint with the adjoining length.
8) Now press the second length firmly onto the wall to remove any air bubbles.
9) Leave the material to dry thoroughly.
10) Apply a thick and even first coat of paint and leave to dry well.
11) Then apply the second, even and thick coat of paint and leave to dry thoroughly.
12) Tip: If the magnetic fabric or fleece is only applied on part of the wall, it can be separated from the other fabric/fleece with the fine edging bead.
SYSTEXX by Vitrulan