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  • 23.11.2015: SYSTEXX AcousTherm – saves energy, reduces noise

    Good acoustics and a pleasant indoor climate are increasingly important considerations for interior design. And that’s precisely what SYSTEXX AcousTherm was developed to achieve.

    The new SYSTEXX AcousTherm is available in two variants: SYSTEXX AcousTherm 233 (pre-pigmented) and SYSTEXX AcousTherm 904 (patterned). These glass fabrics are made from natural materials using high-quality Jacquard technology, which gives SYSTEXX AcousTherm excellent impact resistance and makes the patterns stand out... [...Download images and text]

  • 15.06.2015: A natural indoor climate with SYSTEXX Premium 050/052


    Environmentally friendly materials are increasingly popular for refurbishment projects. They protect the health of residents and tradesmen and improve the indoor air quality while providing an attractive finish.

    Since we care about the well-being of future generations, it is our aim to create safe, pleasant, sustainable living spaces, without neglecting appearances. SYSTEXX Premium 050 and SYSTEXX Premium 052 help architects, planners and building contractors achieve this aim... [...Download images and text]

  • 11.09.2014: SYSTEXX Premium 077 - The glass fiber wall covering for modern interiors


    SYSTEXX Premium 077 combines excellent performance with aesthetics. The pattern, designed by interior designer Hadi Teherani, gives the glass fabric an unprecedented visual impact.

    The new fabric is delightfully timeless and elegant. With its crocodile skin effect, it turns walls into visual displays. Depending on the choice of color, SYSTEXX Premium can create a wide range of different styles: aesthetic (with brown and beige), elegant (with the use of metallic paints), colorful (with bright colors) and urban (with various shades of gray)... [...Download images and text]

  • 12.05.2014: SYSTEXX Premium 053: Circles meet fabric …

    As soon as an architect starts working on the design and construction of a building, his thoughts turn to the materials and colors he will use to achieve a harmonious interior appearance. In this context, product durability plays a major role in his choice. His aim is to create a pleasant indoor climate and meet the functional requirements of the respective areas.

    As a partner to architects and property developers, Vitrulan has developed a high-quality glass fabric that is not only remarkable for its technical properties but also stands out from classic structures with its original design: SYSTEXX Premium 053... [...Download images and text]

  • 24.03.2014: SYSTEXX Premium – the perfect solution for high-traffic areas

    Glass fabrics that meet every requirement

    Transit areas in public buildings that are subject to high levels of wear and tear often prove difficult to decorate. Thanks to its special technical properties and the wide range of patterns available, SYSTEXX glass fabric meets all the requirements in this area. From floral designs to geometric patterns – SYSTEXX Premium combines aesthetics with technical characteristics.

    The SYSTEXX Premium glass fabric collection has 18 different patterns, providing an exclusive selection of products for decorating high-traffic areas effectively. The fabric is suitable for all construction projects: for new buildings, renovation projects and redecorating...[...Download Images and text]

  • 03.02.2014: Functional, attractive and durable – a wall covering that meets the needs of businesses

    In recent years, many companies have realized the importance of a good working environment and the impact it has on employee motivation.

    Architects, interior designers and other construction industry professionals will therefore be paying more attention to the wall surfaces of new and renovated buildings. The design and color of wall coverings have a positive impact on the well-being of employees and therefore on the general working atmosphere.

    It is not enough, however, for walls to be attractive and functional. They also have to cope with high levels of wear and tear. For this you need first-class wall coverings capable of meeting the needs of every business... [...Download Images and Text]

  • 25.11.2013: SYSTEXX Active SP38: the new pre-pigmented glass fabric with a special woven pattern

    Vitrulan developed SYSTEXX Active SP38 to solve the difficult task of renovating walls showing severe signs of wear, without interruption to day-to-day operations. SYSTEXX Active SP38 is a glass fabric with outstanding characteristics – it levels uneven surfaces and produces an intentionally irregular, textured finish... [...Download Images and text]

  • 08.07.2013: On the wall in no time – thanks to SYSTEXX Aqua Technology!

    Aqua Technology enables application without any disruption to normal day-to-day operations. All of the newly wallpapered areas can be used again in the shortest possible time.

    SYSTEXX Aqua Technology offers convincing performance in three ways; it:

    • - enables easier application,
    • - guarantees perfect results,
    • - and makes work on building sites more efficient.

    Direct comparison of standard application and Aqua Technology Sample workday comparison... [...Download images and text]

  • 11.03.2013: SYSTEXX Premium: Glass fabric for attractive living spaces

    With 18 different designs, the SYSTEXX Premium line offers an exclusive range of high-quality glass fabrics. The special wall coverings are produced using the Jacquard weaving technique to create attractive patterns which, when painted, give walls and ceilings an undreamed-of splendor. SYSTEXX Premium wall coverings show every room in the house to best advantage – from living rooms to wet areas... [ ...Download Images and text ]

  • 21.01.2013: Magnetically active SYSTEXX Active M22 glass fleece lets walls speak

    Display notices, write notes and project presentations – everything is possible with SYSTEXX Active M22! Transform walls into a giant invisible display board which, with the right whiteboard coating, becomes a writing and projection surface – as big or as small as you like!
    Magnetically active SYSTEXX Active M22 glass fleece is a multifunctional, customizable wall covering capable of meeting all communication needs. It is suitable for meeting rooms, info points, planning and architects’ offices, reception areas and schools and teaching institutions... [ ...Download Images and Text ]

  • 22.10.2013: 6 new designs for SYSTEXX Premium

    Vitrulan has commissioned new designs from a renowned architect and designer, who has taken his inspiration from the forms of modern architecture. The result is six new designs that can be used to achieve unusual wall finishes... [ ...Download Images and text ]

  • 27.08.2012: The wall covering made from glass – ideal for medical facilities


    There are stringent regulations governing the type of wall covering that can be used when building or refurbishing clinics and hospitals. The technical requirements are also very strict. Intensive use of rooms, heavy traffic in the corridors and daily use of disinfectants mean that wall coverings need to be able to withstand extreme wear and tear.
    The visual appearance is also important. The colors and finish must tie in with the project. Architects attach great importance to good-quality, attractive surfaces so as to create a suitable atmosphere for patients and visitors... [ ...Download Images and Text ]

  • 02.07.2012: SYSTEXX Active S38: The glass fabric with a textured plaster finish for the fast renovation

    SYSTEXX Active S38 glass fabric belongs to the “Active” product group and was developed specially for the fast renovation of interior walls. It is particularly suitable for direct application over old wall coverings. SYSTEXX Active S38 can be used on all stable substrates and provides uneven walls (up to Q2) with a smooth finish. It reliably covers existing glass fabrics, normal and textured plaster and even tiles and is thus perfect for busy areas, e.g. in hospitals, hotels, schools, office or public buildings... [ ...Download Images and Text ]

  • 02.05.2012: Impressive renovation of the former abbey of Prémontré


    In north-eastern France, the psychiatric clinic “Etablissement Public de Santé Mentale Départemental de l’Aisne” lies about twenty kilometres west of Laon. The clinic is housed in the rooms of the former abbey of Prémontré, which has survived the centuries surprisingly well. The majestic buildings and magnificent gardens have experienced good and bad times in their eventful history and have been home to a medical facility since 1867.
    The interior is to undergo extensive refurbishment in 2012. The walls require complete, expert restoration using innovative, state-of-theart materials, of course. The architectural firm Alluin & Mauduit in Boulogne-Billancourt, selected SYSTEXX Premium 060 for its functional properties and aesthetic advantages... [ ...Download Images + texts ]

  • 12.12.2011: SYSTEXX Active M39 - Turns Your Walls into Presentation Areas!


    Walls transformed into communication areas – is that possible? And just what techniques and products are available to create such large presentation areas which can be used for so many different purposes? Can frequent renovation be avoided? Can damage (e.g., caused by tears, adhesive tape, pins, etc.) due to mounting systems be prevented?
    The department of ideas & innovation management at Vitrulan has developed a wall covering that is woven from glass yarns and that offers very extraordinary properties. The idea has also been patented. SYSTEXX Active M39 not only offers all the advantages of the other SYSTEXX products – it also makes wall coverings magnetic. This professional solution is perfect for transforming walls into functional, aesthetically attractive and always clean presentation areas. And all that without rails, panels or expensive magnetic paint... [ ...Download Images and text ]

  • 05.09.2011: SYSTEXX Active L65: Original Brand Communication

    In our competitive world, it is becoming increasingly important to set yourself off from the competition. And now walls are also becoming the focus of interest as a “communication medium”. It is important to give the wall an individual appearance and demonstrate its position as part of the brand name. This means that designers and specialized companies should ensure that wall design is distinct and unmistakable.
    The spectrum of possible ways to present a brand goes way beyond what you can accomplish with conventional methods. SYSTEXX Active L65 utilizes walls as a means of communication – for tasteful, individual placement of brands... [ ...Download Images + Text ]

  • 13.06.2011: With Aqua Technology for protection against muscoskeletal disorders

    Muscoskeletal disorders occur more and more frequently. That’s why precautions must also be taken when people are working. A disorder can be prevented if the risk factors are known. Material to make processing easier should be provided for this purpose. To counteract the sometimes extreme postures of painters while working with wall coverings, as the first manufacturer Vitrulan is offering a solution for simpler processing: Aqua Technology...[ ...Download Images and Text ]

  • 09.05.2011: SYSTEXX by Vitrulan: Decorative, environmentally friendly and sustainable


    Volgens de laatste editie van de European Architectural Barometer* ziet 96% van de Franse architecten een sterke stijging van de vraag naar ecologische bouwmaterialen. Bij de selectie van de bouwstoffen controleert de architect of de door hem gekozen materialen over een milieucertificaat (EPD of C2C) beschikken. Hij is absoluut bereid meer te investeren in duurzame materialen (78%). Een gebouw moet zijn bewoners tegenwoordig niet alleen comfort en een gezonde leefomgeving bieden, het moet bij voorkeur ook een positieve ecobalans hebben... [ ...Download Images and Text ]

  • 04.04.2011: SYSTEXX Premium by Vitrulan shows facility managers and hotel directors the writing on the wall


    Hotel walls are exposed to extreme stress and the technical demands on wall coverings are immense. Intensive use of the rooms, the many people who walk through the halls and entrance areas as well as collisions with heavy baggage all leave their mark. At the same time, the atmosphere of a room is primarily determined by the treatment of the walls (i.e., the design and quality of the surface of the wall). This is where the new SYSTEXX Premium Collection comes in. Elegant structures, woven with the fine Jacquard technique, combine with the technical and ecological properties of the glass to create a wide variety of design options. Long renovation intervals and low maintenance costs also win over facility managers who must calculate costs precisely. SYSTEXX by Vitrulan is the right choice for all building projects in the hotel branch – whether new construction, redevelopment or renovation... [ ...Download Images and Text ]

  • 07.03.2011: SYSTEXX Comfort V22 is the new covering for the walls of the French Château du Lort!

    Built in Yvrac during the 17th century, the Château du Lort is a country estate stretching overmore than 50 hectares of land, located about 10 kilometers from Bordeaux. This former manor was taken over by the Castel family in 1984. The new owner had the château completely renovated and restored to its former grandeur... [ ...Download Images and Text ]

  • 07.02.2011: Glass on Wall and Ceiling


    Manufacturer and leading supplier of the European market for wall coverings made of glass yarns, the Vitrulan Textilglas GmbH is introducing a new quality standard for walls and ceilings with its new SYSTEXX by Vitrulan brand name. These easy-to-apply glass fabrics and fleeces conform to all the requirements of fire protection*, tear bridging and reinforcement and are the first wall coverings to set a standard for ecologically sustainable building. SYSTEXX wall coverings are used, for example, in residential and office buildings, in public and commercial offices, hotels, andmedical and social facilities... [ ...Download Images and Text ]




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