Smooth walls: Total refinement

The architect’s conceptual vision shapes the relationship between space and function, combining light, form, materials and surfaces to meet functional requirements and the desire for a perfect atmosphere. Smooth walls play a key role in this context.

SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 060

Does what it says: SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 060 glass fabric bridges existing cracks and effectively prevents new cracks from forming. The result is a virtually smooth wall that is protected against damage from knocks and scrapes. This makes SYSTEXX Premium Exclusive 060 particularly suitable for high-traffic areas.

  • 060

SYSTEXX Comfort Glassfleece

Immaculate and beautiful: the SYSTEXX glass fleeces in particular can be hung without any visible joints. The resulting smooth surface makes an ideal foundation for decorative coatings and stucco techniques. The glass fleece also holds its shape well and can be repainted several times.

  • V22
  • V14
  • V11

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